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The Classroom_School Canteen

Go Back to School At The Classroom In North Perth

Everything about school brings back memories of a simpler time. Who didn’t have a crush on their teacher? Or stop off at the deli on the way home for some chocolate bullets?

The Classroom in North Perth is a cocktail institution which pays homage to those school days gone by.

Inspired by the educational and social enjoyment of the industry The Classroom takes you back to the school days of yesteryear when we were younger and learning was fun.

Owned by a group of friends The Classroom is part of a portfolio of bars and restaurants under the Cocktail Gastronomy umbrella. Lucky Chan’s Laundry & Noodle Bar and The Dutch Trading Company being the other two awesome venues owned by the three couples.

The Classroom first opened its doors four years ago and according to Co-Owner Sasha Bennett ‘time has flown by’.

“It’s amazing to see how much the cocktail and bar scene has changed and developed in such a short amount of time. A few years ago there was only a handful of decent bars in Perth, now you are spoilt for choice. It’s great to be a part of it.” Said Sasha.

Collectively, the Cocktail Gastronomy founders have over 80 years of experience in hospitality.

“I guess you can say it’s in our blood. Andrew was the brainchild behind the cocktail lists. From the Mrs White, a spin on the classic White Lady with edible paint, to our most popular cocktail The Flaming Galah which has saffron Italian meringue torched with a bunsen burner and saffron fairy floss. Andrew now mentors our head bartender and Pete has come up with some equally exciting drinks for our current menu.”

When asked about her favourite cocktail Sasha couldn’t pick one.

“My personal favourite is the Charlie Chapman, but our Nitrogen Espresso Martini is really popular and hits all the marks. When you get an order from a large group it’s always fun, especially with that amount of liquid nitrogen on the bar!”

It’s worth going to The Classroom just for the cocktail’s alone, but they also do some awesome food.

‘We’ve always tried to play on classic flavours with a school canteen style feel. The ‘canteen ladies’ as we affectionately call our kitchen brigade are always coming up with playful, easy to share meals.” Said Sasha.

Even though the thought of eating school dinners doesn’t seem too appealing, we can’t help but drool over the menu. Our favourite is the Wagyu Cheeseburger which comes with smoked bacon, coleslaw and beer battered onion rings. A popular crowd pleaser, this burger will set your taste buds off on an adventure.

When asked what makes The Classroom unique Sasha was quick to say:

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously here and the theme really demonstrates this. We let the inner child come out and guests are always in awe of the amount of knick knacks and school memorabilia we were able to source. It’s fantastic seeing people’s eyes light up and when they reminisce about their own school days because of something they’ve seen at the bar. Then there’s the secret door to our function room.”

The Classroom_Hidden Library

Behind the secret door is what can only be described as a hidden library – like something out of Harry Potter. With comfy leather bound chairs and books to match, it’s a great place to host a small gathering or have your next work function.

“We love hosting functions in the secret room. Anything from school reunions to book clubs – you name it, we do it! We take groups of any size, up to 120 guests for the whole venue, and have different packages to suit any event.”

Forthcoming Events

Every Tuesday The Classroom hosts a free quiz night, starting from 7pm. So bring your brainiest friends along and study up for ‘Tutor Tuesdays’.

From Tuesday to Thursday is $15 school dinners, so if you are feeling peckish head on down to The Classroom for a feed and one of their famous cocktails.

Visit or Follow The Classroom

The Classroom, 356 Charles Street, North Perth, WA | P: (08) 9444 7729 | E: | W:

School Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 5pm till late.

Follow The Classroom on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for regular updates and event information.

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