Our Story


Hard to believe I know, but I wasn’t always this suave, dashing host that stands before you now.Hoffman Ben

Turn back your record a couple of years ago, and I’d sold up everything, had retired to the country and one might say, had let myself go a bit.

Then along came Ben! A meticulous carpenter (with an exceptional beard I might add),  who recognised my true calling in life, when I myself could not see it.

Regaling me with stories of dazzling social gatherings, finely crafted beverages and mixing with charming socialites, I was finally convinced I could be transformed into Perth’s most dapper and memorable vintage caravan mobile bar.

He slowly escorted me back to the bright city lights. Spent hours painstakingly restoring me and dressing me up, inside and out and remodelled me into the tall drink of scotch-n-soda you see today.

My purpose, Ben helped me realise was to set the stage for sophisticated gatherings and serve up nights to remember.

We all sometimes need a little”Ben” in our lives, sometimes don’t we?

Chin, chin.

Give us a call, and together let’s host a party to remember.