5 Cocktail Bars In Perth You Will Want To Try

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Cocktail Bars In Perth

Like Cocktails? Here is Hoffman Mobile Bars Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Perth

Hoffman Mobile Bar is all about the cocktails. Our swanky vintage mobile van can be seen moonlighting in and around Perth serving up the best cocktails money can buy. All created and made by our expert mixologists.

But we don’t need a party as an excuse to enjoy a nice cocktail or two. There are so many boutique bars and restaurants in Perth that serve up some fantastic cocktails. Some even put on a show like a scene out of Cocktail. We love that movie!

Because of our penchant for a cocktail or two (and because we love Tom Cruise) we thought we’d share with you our five favourite cocktail bars in Perth.


1.Sneaky Tony’s, Chinatown, Northbridge

A speakeasy style rum joint straight out of the 1920s prohibition, Sneaky Tony’s is definitely worth a visit.

Hidden in the back streets of Chinatown, at a secret location, this dark and mysterious bar serves up the best rum cocktails in Perth. A wall to wall selection of the best rum’s from around the world awaits you. If you can find it.

When this bar opened in late 2014 it was one of Perth’s best kept secrets. No one knew exactly where it was or how to get in. People were seen all around Chinatown trying to find this hidden gem. Looking in alleyways, asking the ‘locals’ – it was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Sneaky Tony’s wasn’t promoted. There is no website or written address. It relied solely on word of mouth to build its clientele.

It worked! Today the bar has almost 30,000 Facebook likes and it’s always packed out – even when you need a password to get in on the weekend.


2. The Laneway Lounge, Murray Street, Perth CBD

Another Perth cracker The Laneway Lounge oozes New Orleans and old Paris charm.

Tucked away down a laneway off Murray Street opposite Shafto Lane, this beautifully elegant and refined bar transports you back to the 1940s.

When you step inside you feel like you are a million miles away from Perth.

It’s chilled out atmosphere provides a great place to unwind, with mellow live performances most nights of the week – whisking you off to the jazz scenes of Old Orleans.

We love the French Quarter style decoration. Bare light bulbs adorn the ceiling. Wooden floorboards, muslin curtains and antique furniture provide a comfortable lounge room feel.

The Laneway Lounge has an excellent range of cocktails you wouldn’t get anywhere else in Perth. Our favourite is the Smoked Chocolate Sazerac, delivered straight to your table surrounded by chocolate scented smoke. Just like something Heston Blumenthal would do.

Containing Bulleit rye whiskey, dark cacao, Peychaud’s Bitters and house made smoked bourbon chocolate this is the type of drink you would enjoy sitting by a roaring log fire on a cold winters day.


3. The Classroom, Charles Street, North Perth

As the name obviously suggests, going to The Classroom is like going back to school.

For those of you who are nostalgic enough to look back on your school days with warm affection you’ll love this bar. For those who don’t, maybe a cocktail or two will help you forget.

Opened in 2012, The Classroom takes us back to our youth, when learning was compulsory but we didn’t care.

Designed lovingly by hand, it is a unique place full of cherished artefacts that pay homage to our old school days.

The Classroom prides itself on producing innovative cocktails and has even won some awards, including the AHA’s 2012 Cocktails and Mixology award. This doesn’t surprise us though. This small bar is home to some of WA’s best mixologists. Their cocktails are unique, creative and always involve an element of surprise.

Grouped into three favourite school subjects; history, art and science – their cocktails are known to push the boundaries of molecular mixology.

This place is a must if you love your cocktails!


4. Bobèche, St Georges Terrace, Perth CBD

Drinking cocktails from teapots is what makes this Alice in Wonderland themed bar special.

Bobèche’s dark and mysterious surroundings take your imagination far away, to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

You will feel like Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole as you enter this wonderful venue. Meet the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat and join them for tea at 6pm sharp.

Boasting chesterfield couches, heavy red drapes and a working gramophone it’s straight out of Lewis Carroll’s famous novel.

Taking inspiration from the golden era of cocktails Bobèche perfects the classics as well as a few signature cocktails. Designed to allow guests to share an experience together, everyone drinks from ornate teapots, cups and saucers. Bobèche’s Iced Tea, Jasper’s Punch and Claret Cup Henry VIII are just some of the famous teapot cocktails on offer.

They also serve a range of cocktails for the more discerning customer, including Absinthe Frappe – something Oscar Wilde and Vincent Van Gogh would have enjoyed ordering if they ever frequented this unique bar.


5. The Dominion League, Beaufort Street, Northbridge

The Dominion League is named after a group of people with the same name who were plotting a secession from the commonwealth back in 1929. During this time many Western Australian’s were fed up with the one-way flow of riches to the federal government in Canberra.

More than 80 years on and the modern day Dominion League pays tribute to that passionate mob and all that we love about WA.

Split into two levels the classic pub-style bar at street level showcases the old flags and memorabilia from The Dominion League’s campaign for independence. Downstairs is a speakeasy style dim-lit den where the clink of glasses and general mischief can be heard on a regular basis.

The friendly bar staff are dedicated to the art of the cocktail, helped along by the extensive range of fine spirits on offer – including a whiskey collection boasting 170 bottles and counting.

This is the perfect place for whiskey lovers to sit back and relax with the latest cocktail – or scotch on the rocks if that’s your thing.


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